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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Military and historical miniatures - The gunner with mortar         The studio "Baltic Collection of Soldiers" (BCS-miniatures) is honored to offer you an exclusive collection of historical tin miniature made by the best sculptors and artists of St-Petersburg.

         All boys play with tin toy soldiers. For those grown-ups, who have retained love to these models, they become the subject of collecting and are called now differently - historical miniatures.

         Some people study history and write monographs, others make tin soldiers, precisely reproducing all the particulars of uniform and gear of various periods of the world history.

         Thus, a children's toy having shifted to the adult world becomes historic evidence, it can tell a lot about battles, events and figures of the past epochs.

Military and historical miniatures - The pirate shooting from a gun
         In Russia manufacture and collecting of military and historical miniatures is a comparatively new passion, though the history of a tin soldier dates back centuries.

         This direction is increasingly popular among modelists, uniformologists, those who love military history in whole. It finds its fans among people of any age and professions.

         In our collection you can find miniatures of nearly all historical periods. Today, total number of models is over 500 items, and the collection is constantly renewed.

         We hope that our models will not leave your unfazed.

                                                                    Sincerely yours, Team of "BCS-miniatures" Studio

"Baltic Collection of Soldiers" (BCS-miniatures)
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